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I’m D. Robert (Robert II)!  I’ve lived an awesome life and I’m tickled to be sharing a part of it in this way with my son.Robert II

I’ve completed more than 40 years in ministry.  But, one of the things that truly keeps me going, outside of my relationship with God, is the wonderful relationship that I have with my wife of 44 years, Dr. Seslie June Kennedy.  We are both presenters through our company, Legacy Seminars and we love to present on  family issues, including advocacy, parenting methods, and youth connections.

I’ve been blessed with great opportunities to travel and preach God’s message in continents like Africa, Europe, South America and Australia as well as across the US, Canada and the Caribbean.

I’ve also been blessed with 3 wonderful sons who with their wives (my beautiful daughters) have granted us 7 amazing grandchildren.

I love writing and have written 10 books on topics varying from spiritual relationship to family issues.  Now, I’m on a new journey to share some of my lessons in leadership and what I have learned about the topic of legacy.  I’m excited to share.


I’m Robert D. (Robert III). My grandfather has called me Robert the 3rd since I was a little boy.bizpic2-ab200x200square

It was always fun because he would simply say, “Robert the 3rd,” and then throw his head back and laugh like it was the biggest thrill ever.  I suppose it IS a huge thrill for him to know that he is the head of a dynasty :-).

Here’s my story!  I’m a speaker, teacher, trainer, techie at heart!  I’ve been asked for years why I’m not a pastor or why I didn’t follow in my Dad’s footsteps.  I tell people that I have.  I just updated it a bit and I am using some different methods and tools.

I’m thrilled about the opportunity to share with my dad in this way.  When I was younger, I used to think that he was always right.  And now my son’s always think I’m right.  I see why he allowed me to think it.  I believe it’s so that once they find out that I make mistakes, they would have already done all the chores I needed them to do.  I’m joking a bit.  Maybe!

We’re ready to share our thoughts on leadership and legacy.

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